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Quite Possibly one of the Nicest E-cards Ever!

Merry Christmas

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Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”

Come to Me

Jesus patiently waits for us with Arms open wide ... waiting to welcome us into His Sacred Heart. ©Starkvisions 2010 & Beyond

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What are you DOING with you Life and your SOUL?

December 14th, 7:01 AM
Think about this for a moment. What are you doing with your life and why? Are you living for heaven or earth? When your last breath leads you into eternity do you think you’ll be able to make excuses for the state of your soul? Are you REALLY CONVINCED (as satan would have you believe) that you’re good enough to just walk right into heaven?

You can’t give what you don’t have. It’s YOUR BUSINESS to KNOW the FAITH and to EVANGELIZE … (We are ALL called to the GREAT COMMISSION!) Think it’s too hard a job? You’d rather be golfing? Things are too far gone for it to matter? If you think Jesus will be satisfied with these answers when the time comes, then sit back and enjoy what’s left of your life. If not … GET BUSY!

Make sure you KNOW the FAITH. Get the Catechism of the Catholic Church … watch Real Catholic TV and subscribe to their premium channel or at least the you tube videos of the VORTEX. There’s also Catholic TV …. and you can watch Fr. John Corapi on EWTN.COM and/or get some of his tapes … USE these links, especially
But be very careful of the MANY *progressive/liberal* parishes and info online. You best stick with the above suggestions till you feel more confident. And PRAY for the GIFT OF FAITH!

What will you answer Jesus when He asks why planning your vacation was more important than planning your eternity?

You WILL be held accountable for your childrens lack of Faith .. it’s NOT totally up to the Parish or CCD teachers (many of which need to go through a PROPER FORMATION to begin with). If you love someone …. anyone …. you should want the BEST for them … and what is the best you can hope for someone? HEAVEN … that’s what we all should want for our loved ones. There’s no excuse! Many of you wouldn’t think of gambling your cold hard cash, yet you BET YOUR ETERNAL SOULS that YOUR idea of heaven, God and eternity is what YOU PERSONALLY BELIEVE and not what Jesus passed down through Apostolic Tradition through the Church. I want to shake each one of you and yell WAKE UP!!!!

Don’t let satan convince you that his way is OK … God is loving and merciful – ABSOLUTELY! But He is also JUST and His Justice says that even the last penny will be paid. Don’t you see the way the world is going now? Can’t you see how things have changed in the last 40 years alone? Those of us that are older shudder even more at the changes and what is clearly visible down the pike. Do not forget we have HELP! Call on the Communion of Saints! How many really even know who that is? The CoS are the souls in heaven -Church Triumphant, [They’ve MADE IT, they’ve ARRIVED … they have the Beatific Vision] the souls on earth -Church militant, [We’re ON THE WAY, fighting the good fight, a pilgrim in a strange land as we journey towards heaven, our HOME.] and the souls that have passed into eternity in purgatory -Church suffering [These have died in God’s friendship yet need more purification before entering heaven, we must always pray for them as they cannot pray for themselves!].

We are all ONE in the Body of Christ … how many really put any effort into PRAYING more than a couple minutes a day? How many more don’t even do THAT MUCH? Can you not see what DIRE STRAITS we’re IN? Have we become so soft that we’re going to let a few passing pleasures ROB us of our GOD GIVEN HEAVENLY HOME? We SO take for granted Jesus on the Cross! Many of us have seen Crucifixes since our childhood and have never really LOOKED and CONTEMPLATED a Crucifix. I challenge you to spend just 15 minutes open to the Holy Spirit in prayerful pondering on just what He DID for “us men and for our salvation”.

This is the 3rd week of Advent. The Babe will soon lie in the manger … small, humble, unassuming. Imagine the PATIENCE of our Creator waiting 9 months in such a vulnerable state to enter the world when He could have showed up among a myriad of angelic choirs, in all His glory and handed us a list of proclamations. He came into our world as one of us, loving us, even knowing what He would unjustly suffer WHILE we were mocking Him as He was tortured and ignoring Him even today in most cases. Do we really realize THE GIFT? CONTEMPLATE THE CROSS. See how much He loves us.

We’ve all heard the parable of the pearl of great price. The man sells all he has realizing nothing is more important than this priceless gem .. he does what he needs to do to INSURE he has the very best. He likely sold things he was very fond of .. things he valued and wanted to keep. But he recognized that all that paled in comparison to this one treasure that would last forever.
Are we ready to look at the TRUTH of this life that is passing before our eyes? How smart is it to hang on to ‘things’ that will turn to dust and decay along with our bodies at some point? How smart is it to hold ‘momentary pleasure’ more dearly than everlasting joy? We all have choices …. be sure you have the WHOLE TRUTH before you make your selection. Don’t fall into the TRAP that TRUTH IS RELATIVE. It’s NOT.

There’s only ONE TRUTH and His Name is Jesus. He gave us 7 Sacraments that give us grace and supernatural power to sustain and strengthen us as we journey through this life. USE THEM! Especially Confession and Communion!! Don’t underestimate the power of these important Sacraments … Jesus didn’t give us anything useless … all is needful for the good of our immortal souls! Remember, you’re on a journey here … on the way to your final destination … you decide where that is by your actions along the way. But remember, forever never ends and once you step into eternity, you’ve already bought your ticket.

Please pray for priests and all clergy as well as each other and never forget the souls in purgatory.

Taken from the Voice Crying in the Wickedness.

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